Why You’re Wrong About The Porsche Boxster’s Four-Cylinder Engine

“It was one of the most important strategic moves we did in the whole model line,” continued Walliser, who references successes in the Chinese market when the 2.0-liter turbo engine was introduced. “Volume-wise we are number one in the market in China and this compensated [for] everything in the world, and the sales numbers in China are unbelievably good over many, many years.”

Walliser explained that due to the uptake in China, the 2.0L engine effectively helped the 718 to survive. However, in other markets where the model line fared traditionally well, some volume was lost. “This [engine] is different,” he admitted, no doubt referring to the four-pot’s reduced emotional character when matched up against the older engines.

Apparently, the typical Boxster customer is a 30-year-old Chinese woman, a buyer who is likely less concerned with chasing the red line and who wants a stylish, high-image sports car.

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