Watch A Tesla Model 3 With Autopilot Smash Into The Back Of A Truck

The Tesla Model 3 in this video is seen hurtling towards an overturned truck on a busy highway, with whom we can assume is the driver frantically making gestures to slow the oncoming EV, but to no avail. As the road hazard approaches, the Tesla makes no effort whatsoever to slow down.

It will make any car lover cringe to see the inevitable taking place. As the Tesla passes the person begging the driver to slow down, we can see the car’s emergency forward collision system kicking in: the brakes lock up, and there’s a puff of white smoke as the tires are lit up, but it’s too little too late, unfortunately. According to local media, the driver claims that Autopilot assist features were turned on at the time of the accident. Thankfully, nobody was injured.

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