Volkswagen Has Another GTI Model In Mind

“I think we’re always looking at finding ways and means of finding more fuel-efficient engine options and, yes, with more horsepower,” he said. “So I think the answer is ‘yes.'” VW also previously confirmed it wants to “enrich the Tiguan’s line-up with a performance version,” though don’t expect this to be a fully-fledged Tiguan R that will soon be sold in Europe. That vehicle will likely come powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder rated at 333 horsepower and have standard AWD.

Pricing, however, is a problem, at least in the US where a majority of buyers won’t be willing to pay the premium. They’d just opt for an Audi Q5 instead.

That said, America will definitely receive a new Tiguan R-Line, which is really more of a styling package. But VW doesn’t want to leave Americans without a high-performing Tiguan entirely, and the best solution could be the Tiguan GTI. VW already stated intentions to expand the GTI nameplate in the US, where it’s only attached to the Golf GTI. In Europe, there’s also the up! GTI and Polo GTI. Since neither are sold here, it’d make sense for the Tiguan to get the GTI treatment.

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