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Protesters faced off against the police for a seventh straight night in cities across the country.

“Very often they rail against intellectuals and experts of nearly all types,” Steven Levitsky, a Harvard political scientist, told us. The leaders, he said, “claim to have a kind of common-sense wisdom that the experts lack. This doesn’t work very well versus Covid-19.” We explain — with a chart — here.

Another phone call: Trump also spoke by phone yesterday with President Vladimir Putin of Russia about the pandemic, the global economy and Trump’s desire to let Russia attend an upcoming G7 meeting.

What we’ve learned: Times journalists have summarized what scientists know about the virus, as well as the important mysteries that remain.

  • For the first time, the police in Hong Kong prohibited an annual vigil to honor the victims of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests.

  • Two House primaries to watch today: In Maryland, Steny Hoyer, the majority leader, is facing a progressive challenger; and in Iowa, Steve King, shunned by his party over racist remarks, could lose to a fellow Republican.

  • John Loengard, a longtime photographer for Life magazine, died at age 85. He captured the Beatles swimming in a cold Miami pool; Louis Armstrong spreading balm over his chapped lips; and Myrlie Evers comforting her 9-year-old son at the funeral of her murdered husband.

One of the main questions that I’m now hearing from friends and family is: Should I feel OK about getting on an airplane?

It’s a complicated issue. Planes are crowded, enclosed spaces. Yet airplane cabins also have air-filtration systems similar to those used in hospitals. As Donald McNeil, who covers infectious diseases for The Times, puts it: “Yes, cabin air is filtered, and the filters are impressive. But they are not as effective as an outdoor breeze.”

After talking with health experts, I’d offer this advice: Anybody trying to avoid almost all risk should continue to avoid planes. That said, planes do seem to be less dangerous than other enclosed spaces.

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