This Is How An Automotive Icon Was Redesigned

Automotive design is a true art, although it goes unnoticed by many. It’s more than just putting pen to paper, it’s about designing things can are functional, aerodynamic, and crucially, beautiful to look at – turning mechanical objects into items that evoke emotion, that stir the soul, and in some cases, that look fast even when standing still. But there are design challenges more difficult than being tasked with redesigning a style icon, crafting your own version of a classic silhouette that has become iconic and is used as the benchmark against which all other automotive design is compared.

That was the challenge handed to Frank Stephenson, however, when he was tasked with giving new life to the new Mini Cooper after the original Alec Issigonis design had been unaltered for four decades. The man was clearly up to the task, however, which should come as no surprise since he was also the man responsible for designs such as the Ferrari F430, Maserati MC12, and the McLaren P1. The Mini was his earliest notable effort, however, and in a new video from the man himself, he details how he went about it.

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