There Are Big Changes Happening At Infiniti

However, Nissan isn’t ready to toss in the Infiniti towel. One key element Infiniti has identified to improve sales in the all-important US market is to improve dealership relations and add new models.

“There is a fine line between quantity of sales and quality of sales,” Gupta said. “Last year, we really choked the dealers. But now we have restarted. We have great products and great dealers and now are connecting both with a sustainable, transparent business scheme.”

But there’s another area of concern regarding this revival plan. Only a decade or so ago, Infinitis were also largely upgraded Nissans, but the decision was made to go further upmarket. Essentially, Infiniti is going back to a formula that works. It still continues to work well for Honda’s Acura brand. Interestingly, Nissan isn’t ruling out future deals with Mercedes, and word has it some updates on this topic will be announced later this summer.

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