The Son Of F1 Supercar Is Still On Track

In case you haven’t heard, McLaren is cutting jobs by more than a quarter. McLaren, the company that built the original F1 supercar, has been hit hard by the economic downturn and is being forced to radically reduce its workforce, delaying the production of almost all cars, including McLaren’s loose translation of the F1, the Speedtail. Gordon Murray Automotive, with F1-designer Gordon Murray at the helm, is even smaller than the company that first gave Murray a road car to design. Yet, thanks to virtual updates, buyers are kept in the loop. In addition, most of GMA’s major components are sourced in the UK, meaning that GMA doesn’t need to import much very often to continue working on the son of the F1, the T.50.

We’ve heard something of what its record-breaking V12 is going to sound like, and before that, we were teased with renders and sketches of the new car. Now, GMA has updated us on some new milestones and achievements.

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