The Next Mazda 6 Will Be Radically Different

Mazda has been moving upmarket over the past few years and some have voiced concern this decision will come at the expense of its zoom-zoom philosophy. Fortunately, that has yet to happen though there are still no concrete plans for a reborn MazdaSpeed3. Perhaps the hot hatch business may no longer be ideal for Mazda, but focusing on fun-to-drive sedans certainly is. Case in point: the next-generation Mazda 6.

According to a report from Car and Driver, the next Mazda 6, expected sometime in 2022, will adapt a longitudinal-engine platform with rear-wheel-drive and an inline-six engine. In other words, Mazda is taking a page right from BMW’s longtime playbook. Not only that, but the new 6 will move upmarket, becoming a more luxurious sedan than the current model. This all sounds great, but does this mean Mazda will slap on a higher price tag? Nope.

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