The Newest Special-Edition Dodge Challenger Is Finally Here

But that’s all right, because what the 50th Anniversary Edition Challenger models do offer, for much less coin, is boatloads of coolness. All four 50th Anniversary Challengers are loaded with special commemorative branding, from the seat back embroidery to the grille and spoiler badges. Each model gets a matte black hood and roof, and all but the GT get a “shaker” hood, with an aggressive snout that pokes up through the panel. This actually marks the first time a shaker hood has made its way to the Challenger Widebody.

Pricing for the 50th Anniversary Dodge Challenger package ranges from $4,995 to $5,995 on top of the base MSRP, depending on the trim level, although Dodge’s “Power Dollars” incentives do apply.

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