The Cadillac XT2 Crossover Is Dead

Could it be that Cadillac couldn’t get the pricing right for a luxury SUV below the XT4? Looking at other premium brands, BMW’s cheapest SUV is the base X1 at $35,200, the Mercedes GLA starts at $34,250, and the Audi Q3 begins at $34,700. The Volvo XC40, meanwhile, starts at $33,700. It could be that there simply wasn’t space for an XT2 that would be priced far enough below the XT4, while also maintaining the luxury expected in a Cadillac. There are also several non-luxury brands to compete with at $30,000 and below, such as the superb Mazda CX-30.

So, until something changes, the XT4 will remain the most affordable entry point into Cadillac’s range of crossovers. Perhaps that’s a good thing, as we’re not sure that Cadillac has cracked the small SUV code just yet; the XT4, while stylish and roomy, lacks the refinement and build quality of its competitors. Overall, it needs a bit more polish, so the marque’s time is better spent improving this model instead of introducing something else below it.

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