The 2022 Mercedes G500 4×4 Squared Is The Hulk Of SUVs

The 2018 Mercedes-Benz G-Class G550 4×4 Squared’s name is a mouthful, but then again, this was as much vehicle as could reasonably be suspended on four wheels. Production was limited to around 300 units, but it was one of the ultimate luxury off-roaders with its raised body, which afforded it close to 20 inches of ground clearance. It spawned the Gruma Enok P1, which is essentially the vehicle you need if you want to survive an apocalyptic event.

Now, the 4×4 Squared is set to make its return, most likely as a 2022 model. In the US, it will be called the G550 4×4 Squared, or the G500 in some other markets. The question is, what will this bruiser of an SUV look like? Thanks to an artist at Kolesa, we now have a realistic look at it for the first time.

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