Tesla Model 3 Driver Thinks Autopilot Could’ve Prevented His Nasty Crash

He further explained that when you exit a highway, Autopilot automatically switches off. He usually puts it back on, but on this occasion, he failed to do so. “In this case, [I’m] sure Autopilot certainly would have been better than human pilot and would have avoided the crash,” he quipped.

While Grefte must be relieved to escape without serious injury, the accident makes a strong case for the Model 3’s solid safety cell. The driver’s experience with Autopilot also indicates that some owners do have faith in the system’s ability to avoid a potential collision, although the most reliable means of staying safe is to remain attentive at all times. A few commenters on Twitter tweeted Elon Musk, suggesting that Autopilot should take over if it senses a crash, even if it has been switched off – it’s not a bad point.

What did Grefte do the very next day after the accident? He went out and bought a new Model 3.

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