SSC Tuatara Registers Insane Passing Times

While we already know that a less powerful Tuatara is on the way, for now, it’s all about the full-fat 1,750-horsepower version. Based on data sent to SSC’s master tuner, the Tuatara was achieving 60-120 mph runs in a phenomenal 2.5 seconds. “Early in the particular test day, we did a few 90 percent throttle second-to-third-to-fourth gear pulls to data log and measure the upshift sequence timing in track mode,” said Shelby.

He goes on to say that he didn’t notice the 8,500-rpm rev limiter kicking in, which is when he sent the data logs to the master tuner. The tuner got in touch with Shelby later that night, saying: “Do you realize that you’re going from 60 mph to 120 mph in 2.5 seconds flat in a couple of these pulls? That is absolutely crazy.” We’d agree, and the tuner stressed how significant the achievement was for a 2WD car.

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