Porsche’s Track Precision App Turns Your 911 Into A Virtual Coach

The biggest update is the integration with Apple CarPlay. Previously, the app could only be accessed via your smartphone, which made it a bit of a pain to check on between stints behind the wheel. Version 3.2 changes this, however, allowing it to be controlled via the Porsche Communication System infotainment setup, with all details displayed on the vehicle’s infotainment screen. This means that in between laps you can rewatch your laps on the car’s screen while analyzing data to see where you can improve your driving. To do this, the app tracks longitudinal and lateral acceleration, braking forces, engine revs, and more.

In addition to the smartphone and onboard infotainment integration, the new update has also added 100 pre-programmed race tracks, with the app now offering more than 300 to choose from worldwide.

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