Porsche Boxster Being Turned Into $3.5 Million Hypercar

Casey Putsch from Genius Garage, a non-profit educational charity that provides engineering experience for students, managed to acquire a Lykan Hypersport replica that was originally built for the Fast & Furious Live show but was sold after the show’s production company went bankrupt in 2018.

The replica was built to be fired out of a cannon in the show as a homage to the skyscraper stunt and is just a fiber glass shell built around a crude wooden frame. It isn’t functional, but the team at Genius Garage wants to change that. How? By adding components from a dismantled 2007 Porsche Boxster S. Unsurprisingly, the project won’t be as easy as that. The wheelbase of the Lykan Hypersport is longer than the Boxster, so the team has had to move the engine, transmission, and suspension unit towards the rear.

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