People Can’t Stop Buying Jaguar Land Rover’s Fastest Cars

With demand for its SVO models rapidly increasing, JLR has expanded its SV Specialist Centers to 100 retailer sites globally. “We’ve focused on satisfying demand for existing SV vehicles, while simultaneously expanding into new sectors with models such as the Jaguar F-Pace SVR, which instantly became our second highest-volume vehicle,” said Mark Turner, Commercial Director of JLR SVO. “Developing the SV presence in the global Jaguar Land Rover retail network and on social media, in conjunction with SV Bespoke, is also having a positive effect on our business.”

The SVO SV Bespoke department, which creates custom paint and interior commissions, has also noticed a 20 percent growth in orders from customers. We expect SVO’s momentum to continue with even more new models, including a rumored V8-powered Land Rover Defender.

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