New Carbon Aero Kit For The 2020 Corvette Looks Sublime

SpeedKore’s carbon-fiber aero bits rock an exposed-weave look finished with either a matte or gloss clearcoat. The front splitter weighs in at a scant 1.6 pounds, and it looks as though it should help increase downforce at the front of the car, although SpeedKore hasn’t said by how much. The rocker panels weigh 4.4 pounds each, for a total of just below 9 pounds of added weight, and they, too, ought to provide a bit of extra downforce.

Of course, whether or not the parts successfully manage to increase cornering grip at speed, we imagine plenty of customers will place an order just for their looks. Once you’ve seen the C8 wearing these aftermarket carbon-fiber aero bits, the sports car looks somehow naked without them.

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