Mercedes Swears It’ll Never Do What VW Has Done

Tesla is no longer the only game in town as mainstream automakers like Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz launch their own respective electric vehicle lineups. While the California-based automaker has a nearly decade-long head start in gaining customers and acquiring technological know-how, its rivals know a thing or two about the auto industry too. However, Mercedes’ EV approach will be different from that of Volkswagen, at least when it comes to vehicle segments.

Autocar spoke with Mercedes R&D chief Markus Schafer about not only the upcoming EQA EV crossover but also the potential for smaller EVs, such as hatchbacks like the Volkswagen ID.3. Schafer made loud and clear the company’s position.

“We have to watch customer demand and, at the moment, SUVs and crossovers are the absolute favorites. Those are our first priorities.”

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