McLaren CEO Reveals When We’ll See P1 Successor

While the McLaren 12C and its immediate successor, the 650S, firmly put the UK automaker back on the map in the world of high-performance supercars, it was the McLaren P1 hypercar that cemented the company’s status as an industry leader in not just performance but also advanced technologies. The P1 is, of course, a plug-in hybrid hypercar built from 2013 to 2015. While PHEVs are nothing unusual today, the tech was quite something seven years ago. A P1 successor is very much happening, a fact McLaren revealed in 2018 when it announced its Track25 plan.

And now McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt has revealed to Autocar that still unnamed successor will debut in 2024, roughly a year before we originally thought. “We haven’t announced the powertrain,” Flewitt said. “Obviously, looking forward, it will either be hybridized or an EV.”

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