Jeep’s New Three-Row SUV Comes To Light

The Jeep lineup has expanded considerably in recent years with smaller models offering rugged off-road capability in a more affordable package. But of all the new additions within the Jeep brand, there is still no three-row SUV with the ability to hold more than five passengers. Jeep does offer a three-row Grand Commander for the Chinese market and a Grand Wagoneer flagship model is also rumored to be in the works, but a new rumor claims that a smaller three-row model could be arriving even sooner.

A recent teaser image for the 2021 Jeep Compass showed that something new is coming to the company’s second-smallest model. While not a US-specific reveal, we expect Jeep to show off a slightly revised Compass with a new, Fiat-sourced turbocharged engine under the hood. Jeep is also rumored to be developing a three-row version of the Compass called the Grand Compass and rendering artist Kleber Silva has imagined what such a model could look like.

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