Israeli Startup Creates The Ultimate EV Platform

A young startup out of Tel Aviv, Israel by the name of “REE” has cooked up a new flexible platform for pure-electric vehicles that could prove game-changing.

Like many other EV platforms, REE’s follows a “skateboard” design philosophy, with its battery packs, suspension, and other vital components housed within a vertically compact package that can theoretically underpin just about any vehicle body type. But REE’s design is different in that each corner assembly is a self-contained unit, with a wheel, hub, motor, suspension, and electronic control unit all within a single module that can be replaced in just 18 minutes.

The concept could be especially useful to commercial fleet customers, for whom vehicle downtime means lost business revenue. In fact, a six-wheeled version of REE’s EV platform has already been showcased by Toyota’s commercial vehicle division, Hino Motors, which has established a partnership with the Israel-based startup.

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