Hyundai Hybrids Will Be Cool And Fun To Drive

In the past, hybrid vehicles have always been designed with a distinctive, less aggressive styling than their gas-only counterparts. But Hyundai wanted the new Sonata Hybrid to buck this trend. “Hybrids have shifted from dedicated vehicles that projected a green vehicle image,” said Scott Margason, Director, Product Planning at Hyundai Motor America. “Now, they are a technological solution for fuel economy.”

“For us, it was about bringing a great-looking vehicle to market. Getting that coupe-like design that you can’t get from an SUV. Aerodynamic flaps and aerodynamic wheels help you pick out the hybrid, but it’s all about making a design statement,” he added. Not only is the Sonata Hybrid a pretty car, but it is also cleverly engineered. It even features a solar panel on the roof, which can add an additional 1,236 miles of range per year.

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