How The Chiron Pur Sport Is The Most Athletic Bugatti Ever

“The significantly harder springs offer the best compromise between sporty handling, traction and ride comfort for the Chiron Pur Sport,” explains Bugatti’s Head of Chassis Development, Jachin Schwalbe. “It took us many, many test kilometres to arrive at this conclusion.”

He’s not joking; according to Bugatti, the Chiron has now covered well over a million test kilometers in total. Insights gained over such a long stretch helped drive other changes to the chassis, such as uprated bearings where the struts attach to the body, 2.3 times stiffer than the old bearings at the front, and 1.7 times stiffer at the rear. That’s had the effect of making the chassis much more communicative.

“The driver knows in advance exactly where the Chiron Pur Sport is going,” Schwalbe says, lending it extraordinary “precision and predictability.”

“Only minimum steering movement is required” to change direction, he says.

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