Get Ready For A Supercharged C8 Corvette With Way More Power

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and at least one company – Kansas-based supercharger manufacturer ProCharger – has taken up the call. In a recent post on its official website, ProCharger said that its “staff of engineers and tuners are figuring it out as we speak,” meaning they might have a plug-and-play supercharger solution on the market real soon. The company deals primarily in centrifugal superchargers, which tend to be more compact and efficient than those of the roots or twin-screw varieties.

What sort of gains should be expected? ProCharger notes that its bespoke supercharger kit for the C7 Corvette netted an extra 180 horsepower or more. It helps that the C8’s LT2 is very closely related to the C7’s LT1, which could mean an accelerated timeline for aftermarket performance parts. But again, it won’t count for much without an accessible engine control module.

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