Ferrari 812 Superfast Spia Is A 820-HP Carbon-Fiber Weapon

First, let’s talk power. Thanks in part to the fitment of a titanium exhaust system, DMC was able to increase the 812’s output to a phenomenal 820 hp, which they claim allows the Ferrari to hit a top speed of almost 350 km/h (217 mph). Along with the extra power comes a more brutal exhaust note, too.

Visually, the Spia gets staggered 21/22-inch forged wheels and sport springs, which not only makes it look more aggressive but improves handling. Pirelli Sport tires are fitted to the Starshine Blue example here, with striking mixed metallic glitter. The wheels can be ordered in a range of finishes that includes Midnight Black. The front bumper splitter is another perfect example of form and function, not only giving the 812 a bolder look but improving stability via its own air channels.

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