Del. Rasoul urges churchgoers to not sing during service

ROANOKE, Va. – A Roanoke delegate is urging churchgoers to not sing their praises once houses of worship are able to open their doors this weekend.

Del. Sam Rasoul says he has reviewed data from a recent CDC report released on May 12 that states 53 coronavirus cases were identified from one two-and-a-half-hour choir practice.

According to the CDC, one person was known to be symptomatic at the choir practice. From that choir practice, 33 cases were confirmed and 20 cases have been identified as probable. Three out of the 53 people believed to have COVID-19 have been hospitalized and two have died.

“I’m concerned that this is a very highly contagious virus. Once it hits, we’ve seen with other churches it will hit the whole church really hard. So let’s be smart and try to protect folks here in the Roanoke Valley,” Rasoul said.

According to a release from Rasoul’s office, this is not the first time singing was linked to the spread of a virus. The release states singing was one of the way tuberculosis spread.

In Germany, singing in churches has been banned for now.

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