Dartz Has Another Crazy SUV Creation Coming

Dartz is the Latvian-based automaker that’s made a name for itself for building some of the most outrageous and extravagant SUVs in the world. Interiors upholstered in whale foreskin leather, Kevlar body panels, and a biometric safe are just some of the features the bespoke carmaker offers,

The last time we heard from its owner and CEO, Leonard ‘Leo’ Yankelovich, was last December when a heavily modified Hummer H2 was unveiled. And now, in an email exchange with CarBuzz, Leo has provided us with exclusive information about the firm’s next project. And yes, it’ll be over the top as always.

Not only will this new SUV be all-electric but it’ll also be made with some Chinese assistance. “We are licensing one of our brands (FREZE was bought by our founders in 1910 and was a pioneering EV car maker) to a Chinese company,” Leo revealed.

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