Confirmed! This Is When The New BMW M3 And M4 Will Arrive

BMW is launching a major product onslaught this year. Just this week, the Bavarian automaker presented the 2021 BMW 5 Series facelift with some significant improvements. On June 2, the all-new BMW 4 Series will also be unveiled, meaning we’ll finally get to see how the controversial 4 Series Concept has been adapted for production. And now we finally have official confirmation of when the much-anticipated next-generation BMW M3 and M4will break cover.

In a video posted on his Instagram story, BMW M CEO Markus Flasch answers some commonly asked questions. When asked when the G80 BMW M3 and M4 will debut, Flasch confirmed the covers will come off this September, so the wait is nearly over. Production is expected to start in November before sales begin next spring.

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