Audi’s Latest Nationwide Offer Has An Annoying Catch

The 2019 Audi Q5, one of the brand’s best-sellers, faces a similar situation with only around 600 of them still available. So what can customers do if they can’t find the 2019 Audi they want because of a lack of inventory? Simple, opt for a 2020 model instead.

That might sound like the best solution and it could be for some, but there’s a catch: most 2020 Audis don’t have the 0 percent APR offer. Instead, the current deal is for 1.99 percent for 66 months. For a $50,000 vehicle, that amounts to a bit over $2,800 in interest for the loan period. With this new information coming to light, Audi may want to make some adjustments to its latest deals.

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