Angry Model 3 Owner Sues Tesla Over Peeling Paint

After many setbacks, Tesla Model 3 production was finally sorted out over a year ago and the entry-level all-electric sedan has become a hot seller. Early Model 3 examples, however, came with quality control issues, such as poor interior stitching and exterior panel gaps. Tesla responded that these issues have since been worked out and customers have no reason to be concerned. However, a new class-action lawsuit begs to differ.

According to Car Complaints, a Model 3 owner in Canada has experienced some troubling issues with his car’s exterior paint. The plaintiff, Jean-Francois Bellerose, claims his black 2019 Model 3 suffers from peeling paint on the bottoms of the doors and body after less than a year of ownership. When Bellerose first discovered the problem, he contacted Tesla only to be told the warranty doesn’t cover this issue.

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