Acura’s New Type S Models Should Have Audi Worried

With the full-size RLX now gone from the lineup, the TLX will have some large shoes to fill. But Acura says the absence of the RLX didn’t play a major factor in deciding the TLX’s size, which is longer, wider, and lower than before.

“We started by creating a platform and chassis from the ground up and used the Precision Concept – which evolved into the Type S Concept – to create the styling motive,” Rivers said. “That wasn’t necessarily done to replace the RLX or fill a gap. We wanted to build a product that would best fit our needs and desires and be a true sports sedan.”

To put this into perspective, Rivers explained that TLX’s 113-inch wheelbase and 194.6-inch overall length is “slightly larger than some of the other compact premium vehicles” like a BMW 3 Series and is actually closer to mid-sizer models like the 5 Series in terms of overall length.

“But we just wanted to create cool exotic proportions,” he added. “there are some advantages to being able to think outside of the box. The Germans have that small, medium, large recipe going on, but we aren’t bound to that. We wanted to make something that was unique.”

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